- J. R.R. Tolkien

"Not all who wander are lost."

We are two photographers specializing in elopements, intimate weddings and life milestones. We love to document you from the day you say "yes", too "I do.", up to the moment that little test says yes, and beyond too many years of family images. We developed our love for documenting elopes, intimate weddings, maternity, and families due to our own experiences. We eloped in Cascade Locks, OR after 3 years of being together and one child. Between our elopement and our own little baby we found ourselves in love with the idea of documenting the same families for years to come. Now a marriage, two kids, and two businesses later here we are documenting all of you. We have followed over 100 families through different aspects of their lives still seeing them on a regular basis. We truly have the best jobs being able to watch so many families grow.