- J. R.R. Tolkien

"Not all who wander are lost."

A lot of people ask us where we found our love for photographing elopements. We simple respond, "Within our own path to marriage." Zac and I were that normal couple, going along with the normal hustle and bustle to develop this over the top 200+ guest list wedding. Three months in, and I was over it. Completely done. Zac had this dream of all his family together, and I just saw a nightmare happening slowly. I saw the catering bill and I knew Zac's jaw was going to hit the floor. Which I was right. I begged him to elope. I begged to just go into the middle o the woods and say "I do, do you do?" and call it good. Hell I was down for the courthouse at this point. Zac though could see, that wasn't good enough. So we came together, built a beautiful elopement on top of a cliff in the Gorge here in the Pacific Northwest, and bam our love for elopements developed.